Former hydroelectric power plant in Olownik

The hydroelectric power plant in Ołownik was built in the 1920s by the Germans, who dammed up the waters by building a small weir.

The hydroelectric power plant, which was housed in a large brick building, supplied power to the local estate and nearby villages after the war. It was partially destroyed during the war. It was rebuilt in 1949 and production was soon restored.

In the mid 1970s the power station was privatised. The facility was decommissioned and the historic equipment (generators and turbines from 1918 and 1920) was scrapped. In 2002 the new owner started the reconstruction.

In 2004 the renovation was completed, the power station resumed production of energy, and the lagoon at the facility, created by a dam damming up the water to a height of 5 m, creates one of the best fishing grounds in Mazury.