The Budry Commune is a land of picturesque fields, roadside alleys, stunning wildness of forests and rivers. Unspoilt nature and unchanged since the post-war years landscape and architecture makes the arriving tourists can stop in time for a moment.

The Budry Commune is a border commune, located in the north-eastern part of the Węgorzewo Poviat. It borders with the communes of Węgorzewo, Pozezdrze and Banie Mazurskie, and a 20 km long section with Russia.

The Budry Commune, occupying a relatively small area, impresses with the richness of fauna and flora occurring here. Wild, unique and not completely discovered – these are the biggest assets of the nature of this area. Many places hardly accessible to man make the nature freely preserve its virgin character.

This favours the natural development of animals and plants that are rare in the country and in Europe. The virgin forest areas abundant in game and undergrowth are a particular attraction for cyclists and hikers.

The howling of wolves, the sound of cranes or the roar of fighting deer will surely guarantee an unforgettable experience.

The area of Budry Commune is a piece of the purest Mazury region, appreciated by people seeking peace, “untrodden” paths and contact with unique nature not only during the holiday season, but also throughout the year.

Just enter the forest… and experience an unforgettable wildlife adventure: come face to face with a majestic moose, meet a pack of wild boar, hear wolves howl through the air or witness the breathtaking songs of deer during their roar.


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