Traveling on the route “The way of culture and crafts – Šakiai – Budry”
you will get acquainted with the most interesting objects of Lithuanian and Polish cultural heritage,
traditional local crafts and get to know the impressive landscape of the surroundings.

Tourist route is the result of the project “The Way of Culture and Crafts – Šakiai – Budry” (LT-PL-4R-330), which was implemented by the Budget Institution of Šakiai District Municipality Zanavykai Museum and Budry Municipality. The aim of the project is to strengthen the sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage for tourism in the territory of cross-border cooperation. During the implementation of this project, a common tourist route of cultural and natural heritage “Cultural and Crafts Road – Šakiai-Budry” was created, preserving the natural and cultural heritage for tourism purposes through educational programes covering craft technologies of both countries. The project is supported by EU funds.