Skaliskie Forest

The remaining area of the Budry Commune is an astonishing, stunning in its wildness forest complex called Skaliskie Forest, which covers an area of 8700 ha. The local forests owe their name to Paweł Skalich, a sixteenth-century adventurer, who lived in this area.

The relief of this area was shaped by the last Baltic glaciation. In the post-glacial period there was a large post-glacial lake here, the remnant of which is the Minta marsh. Located inside the Skaliskie Forest, it is a major refuge for wild animals. The area, which is completely excluded from hunting, is an excellent nursery ground for wild animals. The area of this place, unique in Europe, is over 100 ha. The most valuable species found in the Skaliskie Forest include: lynx, deer, elk, otters, beavers, badgers and raccoons. Among them, a wolf pack holds sway.